how to know that ou are succeding in life


If you’re being bullied, it means that something about you is shining. If you’re being picked up at work or among a group of friends, many times it’s because the bullies are disturbed by your glow.

Perhaps you’re suddenly more confident and assertive. Perhaps your self-worth has shot up, and you’re on top of your life now. Bullies know that with this kind of energy, you will succeed soon or later. They anticipate your ascendancy and it troubles them.

Most people can not deal with their powerlessness, and that’s why they fight those who gain power. They feel like they’re getting demoted in their standing in the group when you go up in your ranking. They can not take it as a challenge to learn and adapt. Their ego is too weak and insecure, and so they punish you.

Your solution for bullying is fearlessly standing up for yourself. ‘I may work with you for a living, but I don’t live for you. I may be your waiter or customer care representative, but I am also a person. I don’t take harassment because that’s not part of my job. You will come to me with courtesy and respect, or else this won’t work.

When you assert your individuality, it changes the dynamic.

Do not let the fear of losing a job or client hold you back. If you speak politely or take a firm action, you’ve done the best in that situation. Whatever you lost by asking to be treated right was never yours to keep in the first place.

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